Museum and Curatorial Studies     
University of California, Santa Cruz     

Museum and Curatorial Studies (MACS) was founded by Lucian Gomoll and Lissette Olivares and includes a Faculty Research Cluster, sponsorship by the History of Consciousness, as well as a number of member initiatives such as exhibitions, seminars, conferences and workshops related to the poetics and politics of display across various disciplines.
Director (March 2009 - Present)

Lucian Gomoll is Porter Fellow and IHR Fellow in History of Consciousness, Feminist Studies and Visual Studies at UCSC.

Lucian's website:
NYU Liason; Co-Director (January 2010 - August 2010); Co-Organizer (March 2009 - December 2009)

Lissette Olivares is Jacob Javits Fellow in History of Consciousness and Latin American and Latino Studies at UCSC.
Additional Support from:
Diana Kapsner, MACS Research Assistant (2009-2011).
Kelsey Middlebrook, MACS Research Assistant (2011-2012).
MACS c/o Lucian Gomoll
HISC, 415 Humanities One
UCSC, 1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
Office Location:
431 Humanities One


The MACS office is 431 Humanities One
Please contact Lucian Gomoll at with any questions or concerns